When is the Next Olympics in Montreal?

The 1976 Summer Olympics held in Montreal was the costliest Olympics, right up until the 2008 series in “People’s Republic of China? When Montreal was given the opportunity to host the event, it got into the planning stages immediately. One of the reasons why the event was so costly was because of the various levels of money-scams, fraud and project sub-contracting. How many Olympics have happened in Canada? This is one of those questions many people still seem to big over. In terms of the Summer Olympics, there has only been in Canada, in 1976. After much success with the Summer Olympics, the Winter Olympics was introduced. The last Winter Olympics were held Canada, more specifically, in Vancouver, British Columbia. The events lead to a major increase in tourism for Canada. Thousands of people went from Montreal, Toronto, Halifax, Alberta, and Winnipeg, just to name a few.

Even though we have no idea on when the next Olympics will be held in Montreal or Canada, we should still be happy with what we currently have. Montreal is home to the Formula 1 Grand Prix. The event takes place every year in the summer at the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit in Jean Drapeau, Quebec. Ile Saint Helene is a small manmade island just ten minutes from the outskirts of Montreal. The 2011 Grand Prix Montreal is set to take place June 10, 11 and 12. You will need special passes which can be purchased online. Consult with the official 2011 Grand Prix page to get information on where to purchase tickets.

With no Olympic games in Montreal for the next eight years, the only thing we can do is watch all the other games from London and Rio de Janeiro. Montreal is still an active city in terms of sports and recreation. Several sports teams from Montreal are the NHL Montreal Canadians, Montreal Impact, Montreal Allouettes and the Concordia Stingers. Hockey, more specifically, Ice Hockey is a major deal in Montreal, regardless of the fact that Montreal last won the Stanley Cup in 1993. There have been several riots in Montreal due to sports such as hockey. The Montreal Canadians vs. Boston Bruins game caused a major riot in downtown Montreal. Police officers did arrest several people in connection with the damages and robberies that occurred.

Some people have predictions of a 2016 Montreal Olympics, but this is just a prediction. Knowing that the last Montreal Olympics were held in 1976; 2016 is just forty years down the road. This could be a milestone chance for Montreal! However, by looking at the financial condition of Quebec and Montreal, hosting the Olympics would leave a huge financial burden for the city. There are various projects happening in and around the city of Montreal. Two of the biggest Montreal projects are the McGill University Super Hospital being built at the Glenyards site and the major reconstruction of the STM Montreal metro cars. According to the STM, the first new metro car would be running by 2014. With so much going on, it would be hard to picture Montreal hosting the Olympics anytime soon.