What to do in Montreal

So, you are here in Montreal, sitting on the chair at your hotel, and do not have a clue of what to do. Well, there are tons of things you could in Montreal, but it depends on what you like. If you like walking by the water, you could take a visit to Beaver Lake in NDG. If you enjoy nature and like walk around seeing beautiful plants and trees, then a visit to Mont Royal wouldn’t hurt. When you are looking fro something more exciting, like a tourist spot, you can tour the Biodome, Botanical garden or the Insectarium. The 1976 Olympics were held in Montreal, at the Olympic Stadium, that would be interesting, No?

Old Montreal: The oldest part of Montreal is at Old Montreal. All the traditional methods of life can be experienced here. People ride on horses and clean their clothes by hand, and do the dishes all by hand. There are tons of small museums in the region, which showcase many of the cities old traditions.

The Outdoors: Montreal has an exciting landscape for everyone to enjoy and discover. The most widely known park in Montreal is a large mountain, which has been preserved perfectly for the past century. The name it goes by is Park Mount Royal. It is only ten minutes away from Downtown Montreal. If you need to have a picnic or barbeque party, Mount Royal is the perfect place. Other important parks in Montreal are the Park Maisonneuve, Park Lafontaine and Park Angrigon. All three parks sit on a large area of land, and are very well maintained by the city. Learn more about the best places to visit on backpacking holidays to Montreal and other great cities across the world by reading a free online travel guide. Backpacking holidays can be quite the type of vacation you may be looking for. As always, it can be fun to try something new for once.

The Cuisine: Montreal has a diverse, multi-cultural population. Whether you care coming from the east or west side of the globe, you are bound to find something to fit your delight needs. Notre Dame de Grace has many restaurants specializing in Greek and Italian food niches. The Cote Des Neiges district offers a vast selection of South Asian cuisine as well as Chinese and Thai food.

Tourist Attraction: The main tourist attractions in Montreal are the Olympic Stadium, Biodome, Casino de Montreal, Bell Center, Botanical Garden, Insectarium, Parks, Saint Joseph Church, Old Port and the Downtown District. All the attraction spots are easily accessible by the Montreal metro and bus system. All you need is a STM bus pass, which comes in daily, weekly and monthly passes. As long as you have a map of Montreal and its metro system, you are safe to travel anywhere in the area.