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The Emperor Owner of the Mask

For me, it was interesting! Maybe not as dingy as he seems, this one. When Teacher Im comes close, he buys her time to finish putting the poster up. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Last time I remember seeing this though was back in Sunny.

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Someone set off a fire extinguisher, and the assumption is that Real King is responsible. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Fighting all the cast and staff!

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This is really the wrong genre for that kind of thing! Kim yeol is such a flirt and there's nothing wrong with that. The Age of Blood Korean Movies. My Prettiest Daughter in the World. But that's because it's still relevant.

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And rarely does the flirting only come from one side, right? Principal Choi stands to state that they plan to abolish any clubs that cause a disturbance. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Found it a bit disturbing.

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The biggest problem I had with this drama was the clothes what the supposedly poor struggling secretary is wearing. The overacting is off the charts. She asks if Yeon-doo is so different from them, dirt devil breeze hose hook and Yeon-doo admits that this whole situation has enlightened her. And the world will change her if it doesn't she's fantastic. Ji-soo had such a tiny screen time!

He isn't like that with any of the other girls, and he manages the task of being maddening and adorable all at once with such ease. Innocent Thing Korean Movies. She wishes her daughter could meet a man like him. There are a few scenes I got embarrassed by though maybe it's just me because I get embarrassed easily. This drama felt different long enough to get me hooked.

You just can't help it, blame it all on Ji Soo! Still ended in similar waters though. This drama does not have all the cliches that make me want to scream at screen, slap or shake some sense into the characters.

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Book of Love Asian Movies. Although Descended from the Sun better do well ratings wise after this or I'll imagine some top managerial level grumping. Yeol just grins that life is unfair, get used to it, speed dating romania which infuriates Yeon-doo. The actors have such a great chemistry! You know he'll take her up on it before the drama's done.

  • Teacher Yang definitely makes up for it for being so awesome.
  • People praised her a lot on the recaps.
  • It's nice and light and breezy.
  • She surprised by Yeol, who came to the roof to cool off, and she admits that the unfairness of this whole thing is driving her nuts.


The support actor is so hot. The first episode is okay. Angel's Last Mission-Love. The first part was entertaining.

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Especially when he was talking with the principal, it was clear there was some hatred for the very system that gets him all the benefits, but punishes people like the Real King members. Amazing acting with interesting story. The Battleship Island Korean Movies. Be with you Korean Movies.

EunJi as usual she can act and her performance is even better than her last drama, just hope she can get a better offer after this! The thing that jarred me the most in the first episode was the in your face presentation of Ha Joon's background with his father - Jesus, way to put your cards on the table. What's Wrong With Secretary Kim? That's not hard to do, to be honest, but I'm still happy it's cleared that hurdle, at least. But when he leaves, hook Yeon-doo is tempted by the cell phone that he left on his desk.

  1. You will surely enjoy watching this.
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  3. Of course there are always some minor points that one will not like, but it does not take away from the story.
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Hope it will get better next week. Open Thread Open Thread by mary. The Last Princess Korean Movies. The White Dragon Asian Movies.

The mother-in-law who tries to bribe the girlfriend or feels she is beneath her son. Overall this drama was very good and I will watch it again and recommend it to others. The Secret Life of My Secretary. One of the best drama this year.

She looks around the room at her own uplifting, self-supportive notes, and wonders where it all went wrong. No one can establish this kind of credibility like her that to in first scene and first episode. Two months after the group debuted, members Jisun and Jiin left the group to pursue individual interests. They wonder who could have turned them in, and Yeol has some theories about someone holding a grudge. Well, if the ratings don't improve, maybe the producers will order the writers to switch mid-stream and go full makjang.

Wouldn't that affect their dating? After they started dating, it became boaring. She leans over his desk and invites him to kiss her, right now, but he just smiles nervously.

And I'm looking forward to seeing more of Jisoo's character and N's character, they probably have the most interesting story arcs. This is a really lively show, even with it's darker moments. Lee Won-gun as Yeol is so snooty you just want to punch him, yet he manages to be the cutest thing ever, dating all at the same time.

Love in Trouble Suspicious Partner. Oh, the second female lead does a good job of being detestable. And the story is very interesting. Not boring at all for now Ep is more interesting. Not sure if the comic style shots were a necessary addition, but they aren't too intrusive either.

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