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These measurements and calculations, digitized videos and other forensic evidence indicate that the Sudarium of Oviedo covered the same head whose image is found on the Shroud of Turin. This is one possible explanation for the extra dust and dirt in this area, evident on both the Shroud of Turin and the Sudarium of Oviedo. It is believed that the face cloth which was placed on the face of Jesus as following his crucifixion, is the famous Sudarium of Oviedo. This pollen association, congruence of blood patterning, and probable identical blood type suggests the radiocarbon dating of the Shroud to only the Middle Ages Damon et al.

Jesus cloth picture real face of Jesus what Jesus really looked like

The Carbon Dating of the Sudarium of Oviedo Plus the Caves of the Sudarium

The above scientific evidence requires that a new carbon-dating test be done which observes the standard protocols for sampling. Either the sudarium has nothing to do with the Shroud, or the carbon dating was wrong - there is no middle way, no compromise. It is a typical problem for dating ancient textiles. Part of Jewish burial custom was to cover the face of the dead, sparing the family further distress. Nobody knows when the next public display of the actual Shroud of Turin will take place.

The first are what I would call the nasal stains, which appear to derive from a nose and mouth soaked in bloody fluids. Im not a scientist but I imagine that blood types developed over long periods of time. This means that there will always be some areas with shadows on the photo, like on the eyes or behind the nose. Ask questions, get answers.

An Undocumented Journey A Trail of Pollen

Who Pulled the Sword from the Stone? If you are a writer with a passion for these topics and other history related stories, we want to hear from you! Max Frei matched at least four pollen on the Cloth of Oviedo with four pollen from the Shroud.

Modern scientists, even the cleverest scientists of today, from the leading research institutions of the world, are unable to understand or explain how the image on the Shroud was formed. How do we know what Jesus looked like What does the bible say about how Jesus looked? Nothing is known of its whereabouts for the first years after the disciple John saw it in the empty tomb.

Remember that the linen of Oviedo was fastened to the head in the back with sharply pointed objects, perhaps thorns. The bloodstains have geometrically compatible sizes and have very similar positions on both linens. The first documented evidence of the similar characteristics between the Sudarium and the Shroud come from Italian priest and Shroud scholar, watch polyamory married and Mons.

The Bible was originally written in Greek, the popular scholarly language during those times. The nails are driven through the wrists rather than the palm of the hand. Having spoke with a research assitant I was told a page document is held at the National Lib. In it was moved to Toledo, then in on to northern Spain to escape the advancing Moors. The Giulio Clovio painting below shows how a burial shroud was used for burial years ago, during the time of Jesus.

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Shroud of Turin Evidence of Jesus Resurrection

This is consistent with the New Testament account of the discovery of the empty tomb in the Gospel of John, where both cloths are mentioned. In his free time he enjoys reading. The rare hand weaving of the Shroud cloth traced to be of first century Middle East origin. Much less known, but still quite puzzling, hook up a is a related and smaller piece of cloth now known as the Sudarium of Oviedo.

What is the Shroud of Turin


References to a Sudarium exist from as early as the Gospels themselves, but proving the Sudarium of Oviedo was the same Sudarium is difficult. They also found that the pattern on the textile suggests that the cloth covered the face of a bearded man. Dr Frei performed this same analysis on the Sudarium of Oviedo. This article has been rated as Mid-importance on the project's importance scale. Once the Sudarium is studied by a range of scholars, I expect to see more material to argue that the Sudarium supports the belief that Jesus as survived the crucifixion.

Mystics of the Church The Sudarium of Oviedo and the Shroud of Turin

The first Camera used to take the first picture of the shroud of Turin and got the astonishing true photo of Jesus is there along with many other interesting artefacts. The general belief now and in the Middle Ages was that the nails were driven through the palm of the hand. Blessed Alexandrina da Costa. Also modern Science supports the fact that the weight of the body could not be held upright on the cross if the nails were driven through the palm of the hand.

  1. And among those Israel pollens was, yet again, Gundelia tournefortii.
  2. Click here for an excellent article on the Shroud of Turin.
  3. As a rule, the dead had their faces covered with one or had it tied around the head.

5 Key Pieces of Evidence on the Shroud of Turin - Magis Center

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  • The combination of the above evidence is exceedingly difficult to explain in any way other than the burial cloth is that of Jesus of Nazareth.
  • Unlike the Turin Shroud, the Sudarium holds no image.
  • As far as the historical Jesus is concerned, there was a man, Jesus of Nazareth, who preached.
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The Shroud of Oviedo A Legendary Cloth Connected to the Death of Jesus

Da Vinci was not the first one to make paintings using the holy Shroud image as the model. Scholars such as Mark Guscin are of the opinion that this coincides with what we would expect if it was placed on the head of Jesus as while he was still on the cross. Secondo Pia took the first photograph of the Holy Shroud.

The Sudarium of Oviedo

He didn't want to be accused of negligence, because he was an internationally famous forger and had a reputation to maintain. Considering all this, it is impossible for a forger, even the most cleverest, to have made such a Shroud. Magdalena de la Cruz -The false mystic who made a pact with the devil. Servant of God, advice Sr Consolata Betrone.

If we are to repent of our sins honestly and sincerely, we do well constantly to recall those sufferings. Jesus Crucified, have mercy on us! Geoffrey de Charny is the first documented owner of the Shroud. They are fundamentally light brown in color, in varying degrees of intensity.

Some people claim that the great medieval artist and scientist, Leonardo Da Vinci, of having made the shroud. The author endeavors always to be in communion with the Catholic Church and its teachings. The stains on the back of the man's neck on the Shroud correspond exactly to those on the sudarium. In that case, the following story would have to be true.

The reconstruction of events as presented by Guscin, include a whole hour when the body of Jesus as had been taken down from the cross, but not yet placed in the Shroud. The only to be expected, if, as seems obvious, both cloths covered the same face. My question is not really about whether the shroud is from Christ, but rather if it is, what does the blood type indicate about the nature of his conception?

Stigmatic blood writings in the life of Natuzza Evolo. What makes the Sudarium so interesting, however, is the recent discovery that both the Sudarium of Oviedo and the Shroud of Turin are physically linked. Specific pollens from Palestine are found in both relics, while the Sudarium has pollen from Egypt and Spain that is not found on the Shroud. Stephen, Absolutely wonderful article!

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