I want to rent a Ferrari in Montreal

When summer hits Montreal, it does it with a bang. 2010 was a very warm year in terms of summer heat. The Montreal summer of 2010 was the warmest in a long time. With such warm weather, everyone will be on the streets of Montreal with tank-tops, shorts, flip-flops and t-shirts. Downtown Montreal as well as the big orange julep on Decarie is hot spots for luxurious vehicles and classic antiques. Due to the winter season, many of the modified cars in Montreal only come out in the summer. One thing people constantly look for is to rent a Ferrari in Montreal.

When thinking about renting a Ferrari, there are a couple of places in Montreal that specialize in this domain. Montreal Stays Cars, Montreal Limousine, Montreal Exotic Car Rental and Car Rental Montreal are all very famous for their selection of Ferrari, Maserati, Mercedes and other luxury vehicles. The cost to rent a Ferrari in Montreal is around three thousand dollars per day. The price reflects the prestigious value of the vehicle. This price does not include the cost of additional insurance and features. Renting a luxury car in Montreal will be expensive, but it may be worth it for the event you are renting for. Even if you are planning on renting a Mercedes in Montreal, or renting a BMW in Montreal, you will still follow the same procedures.

The location Ferrari Montreal has moved from de la Savane to Jean Talon. The Ferrari and Maserati Company have built a brand new multi-million dollar showroom on Jean Talon in the Town of Mount Royal. The address for Ferrari Maserati Quebec is 3980 Jean Talon West, Montreal, QC, H4P 1V6. The Ferrari dealer in Montreal first opened in 2000 at a small showroom in the heart of TMR. You can purchase pre-owned Ferrari’s as well as new ones. There surely would be a difference in price, but you should be able manage if you are seriously considering it. So far, there has only been one Ferrari / Maserati dealer in Montreal. There are various other high-end vehicle companies in Montreal as well, such as Bugatti in Montreal or Rolls Royce in Montreal.

If you are looking to make a reservation to rent a Ferrari in Montreal, considering visiting the sites for the companies we have mentioned in the second paragraph.