Montreal’s South Asian Districts

If you know Montreal well, you definitely know that Montreal is home to many people from various cultures across the globe. In the early 1980s and 1990s, Montreal took in large amounts of people from south Asia, particularly from Tamil Eelam, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The south Asian community in Montreal has built a strong foundation, and they have setup their own businesses, and it has made Montreal an extremely diverse city. There are many regions of Montreal that are major for the south Asian community, and the most popular ones are Victoria Avenue and Jean Talon Street. Let’s go in detail and see what each have to offer the Montreal Tourism visitors.

Victoria Avenue: Located in Notre Dame de Grace and Cote Des Neiges, Victoria Street begins on Jean Talon and runs along right until rue Saint Catherine in West Mount. However, the south Asian district lies between Jean Talon and Saint Kevin. In the early nineties, grocery stores were set up by people fro the Tamil community in Montreal, and many of them starting popping out throughout the Montreal. Currently there are over thirty grocery stories run by the Tamil community in Montreal. Fashion is another hot trend on the streets. Victoria houses over fifty fashion boutiques, many of them showcasing western style clothing. Jewellery stores are in and off on Victoria, but there are two major ones operated by the south Asian community. The Cote Des Neiges mall has the two best south Asian jewellery and textiles boutiques in Montreal. South Asian food has its delightful taste and spicy-ness! The best Tamil fast food takeout in Montreal is on Victoria. Tons of people from the West end of Montreal travel all the way to CDN for the food. It is estimated that the CDN region is home to over fifteen thousands south Asian people.

Jean Talon Street: The boutiques and restaurants all begin at L’Acadie Street, and go along until the east end. Many of the stories are fashion stores and restaurants. In the summer, the streets of Jean Talon will be filled with many people of south Asian decent. Nearly half of the south Asian community in Montreal has lived in the Jean Talon district or knows someone that lives there. Jean Talon is greatly known for its restaurants, fashion boutiques, jewellery stores, driving schools and movie rentals.

Currently, the west island region is picking up pace, and it is becoming another hot spot for the south Asian community. The regions flooded with south Asian people in west island, are the Sources and St-Jean exits.