How are Montreal Road Conditions

Montreal is surely a great city that simply portrays history and culture. In the early 1900’s, roads weren’t paved with asphalt as they are now. There were no city workers who went around in trucks, filling up pot-holes and levelling the ground off. The streets in Montreal were simply made from gravel. Asphalt wasn’t a viable choice in 1900, mainly due to the lack of technological advancements. With over 1.5 million vehicles on the streets of Montreal, it can really hurt our road conditions. In 2006, there were numerous complaints about pot-holes and cracks on Montreal roads, and these issues were slowly resolved.

When looking at Montreal road conditions, we can think of two things; the actual condition of the road or the traffic condition in Montreal. Morning and evening rush hour is a major problem for most Montrealers, as the traffic is quite hectic. The bridges on and off Montreal, such as the Jacques Cartier Bridge, Champlain Bridge, Victoria Bridge and Mercier Bridge are traffic disasters at times. The highways aren’t so bad, but they do roll slowly during the rush. However, you shouldn’t have to worry about traffic as many radio stations have live traffic coverage during the rush. Tune-in to any of the following radio stations to get complete traffic coverage during the morning and evening rush.

Montreal Highway Conditions can be bad in difficult weather conditions. Montreal highways like the 40 West/40 East or Decarie Expressway sometimes have cars going bumper to bumper. However, apart from the rush hour, all Montreal Highways are free from hectic traffic. The morning rush hour is from about 5.30AM to 9.00AM, while the evening rush is from 3.00PM to 6.30PM. if you want to avoid driving in such times, public transportation will always be an option. A major traffic causing problem in Montreal is the Montreal road constructions. The city of Montreal is constantly doing some construction on Montreal roads, and this often gets in the way of our lives. As of January 2011, the Decarie strip has been shut off from Girourd.

Traffic camera’s are very useful as they can tell us how the road conditions are, and it even serves as an evidence tape in case an accident occurs on the road. Mostly, all Montreal Highways have traffic cameras located at various exit locations in both directions. These cameras don’t necessarily stream live video, due to high bandwidth usage it may consume. What it does is the following; the camera is programmed to snap shots at very short intervals. During the rush, the intervals are much shorter. The photos are sent wirelessly to the main server, which then makes it available for people to view online.

To view the current Montreal road conditions and current Montreal highway conditions you can check out the traffic cameras based on the following locations.