Getting Around in Montreal

Getting around in Montreal is very simple, thanks to the STM service which runs 24/7. The STM, which is an abbreviation for Societe de Transport Montreal, is a company which runs the transport services available to Montrealers. If you are coming in from another country, the best solution for you is to use the STM or hire a cab. The second option would be easier for you since, the driver knows where all the places are. The taxi drivers in Montreal are known for their impeccable location spotting, they know where everything is. All taxi drivers use the latest technology, the GPS. However, using the public transport service is much cheaper. None of the transport services in Montreal accept foreign currency.

Using Public Transport:
The STM runs two main types of transportation services. They run various buses across the city, as well as the underground metro system. The metro system links every part of Montreal into one whole foundation. The buses link up one region in Montreal, and they do not extend from one end of the city to the next. If you are traveling from the airport region to the heart of Montreal, you can take various buses. Many of these buses numbers will begin with the number two. Once the buses stop at a metro, you can take the metro to anywhere in Montreal. In the metro system, there are over fifty stops, and four lines. The largest train line is orange, next is green, next blue and lastly yellow. You have the option to buy daily passes, weekly passes and monthly passes. The STM uses a smart card called the OPUS card, which can be purchased for initial fee of $3.50.

Alternative Option:
As an alternative option you can take a taxi for all your transportation issues, but it will be costly. All taxi companies charge an initial $3.35 and then they start adding on charge as it travels. When you do take a taxi, make sure to note its license plate, which will begin with T11. The T11 plate numbers are only for taxis. So, if you see a taxi that does not have a license plate that begins with T11, you know it is not a taxi. We tell you to note this information just in case the taxi runs off with your valuables. If anything of that sort does happen, you should call 911. All the public phones are free to dial 911, and they are all run by Bell Canada (telecommunication service provider in Canada).