Do People in Montreal Speak English

Canada is primarily known for its English speaking provinces and territories. However, one of the ten provinces is a French speaking province and that is Quebec. Quebec has been asking for independence for a long time now, but it does not look like it’s going to happen anytime soon. Montreal is the second largest city in Canada, and it is the largest in Quebec. Other cities in Quebec such as Grandby, Sherbrooke and Drummondville are mainly French speaking cities. Throughout the rest of the article, we will look at Montreal and its English/French speaking population.

Many travelers and foreigners visiting Montreal often ask “do people in Montreal speak English??or “how many people in Montreal speak English??Even though Montreal is known to be a French city, large handful of people still know how to speak English. There are three primary language groups in Montreal; the francophone’s, Anglophones and the bilinguals. The francophone’s are those with the mother tongue of French, the Anglophones with English and the bilinguals know how to speak both English and French. Over 90% of the stores in Montreal have bilingual workers, as it is a requirement for many job openings. For travelers coming to Montreal, the airport staffs is perfectly bilingual, as well as all transport workers. Getting around Montreal with just English is very possible. Heck, many Montrealers speak just English, and they have no problem at all.

Several parts of Montreal are known to house mainly English speaking families. Montreal’s west-island region is mainly English speaking, although French is still present. Other English speaking neighbourhoods include Town of Mount Royal (TMR), Westmount, parts of Dorval and Hampstead. In the time between 1980 and 1990, Montreal took in a lot of immigrants from many parts of the world, primarily those from India, China, Tamil Eelam, Other regions of South Asia, Africa, etc. Today, these Canadian citizens make up a fairly large population of Montreal. At the time of entering the country, these individuals just new English, but today many of them have learned french as well. It is a rule or law, as we should say to have all the signs and store banners in French. All the road signs in Montreal streets and highways have writing in French. You won’t see any in English. However, if you can manage to find your way around, this wouldn’t bug you. In Ottawa, the highways sings are in both English and French. Even though Ottawa is an English speaking province, French is still present. In terms of schooling in Montreal, there are two major school boards; the English Montreal School Board and the Commission Scolaire de Montreal. Children have the opportunity to go to English only or French only schools. However, in English schools, most of the curriculum is being taught in French.

In Montreal, roughly 15% of the population speak English as a first language. There are more English speaking individuals in Montreal as a whole.