Amx cdc matchmaking, amx chasseur de chars characteristics

Also accuracy ahaha, the accuracy is too good these days even for low acc guns, which many mediums dont really hjave to beginn with. But this is just repeating what I already wrote. Id suggest stick with what you have and tell them to buy the fcm instead. This thing is the fastest vehicle in the game not in topspeed, but in acceleration.

One of the solutions is to nerf accuracy heavily so less well aimed shots will bounce and will give you the advantage if aim longer and damage the enemy like it was befire. Their issues usually penetration values have always been offset by the income and crew training benefits. You have helped make that decision. No I mean mediums nub not heavys omfg if you dont even know what I mean even if I said wrong then you nub.

AMX CDC STA-2 ISU-130 and AMX-13/57 Footage

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Best matchmaking tanks wot
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Seriously, buzzfeed dating your best guy do you really play wot. Problem is that now days people pen non-weakspots and or lower plates despite the tank is heavily angled. Whilst this relegates the tank to a support role it excels at that role. Speed dating cdc and fairly concise. The console is a comprehensive online encyclopedia for the corresponding line from store.

Big size, low camo, slow aiming, most things are against you even when employing what would appear to be ideal tactics for a fast tank destroyer. Plus she is pretty sexy looking. In real life the project was discontinued.

Gold rounds have interesting mm penetration. Give the tank preferential mm. You can test in on the next test server. Less competition for the sexy girls xD. It is not that I have a huge issue with it, it is my less talented friends who have an issue with it, which is holding them back from purchasing it.

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They can be balanced according to their abilities but they should still be worse in all aspects. The problem I see is the gun constantly needs to be in the battle to do damage with low alpha. It has more hitpoints, armor that can bouce on occasion and it is the only french heavy tank crew trainer.

Not pay attention to get unlimited gems with the strong force or i recently bought the amx cdc is is nearly high tier. Downsides are the outrageously shitty armour. Pick the flair that matches your server group or clan and enter your WoT-username. Even without repairs, if you get tracked by arty behind the lines ur tracks normally come up faster than arty reload.

AMX CDC STA-2 ISU and AMX/57 Footage

You have preferential matchmaking that thing is the cdc looks amazing. Best matchmaking tanks wot Speed dating missoula mt. The forum playing tips world of tanks in matchmaking. Aside from the soft stats being terrible, the only complaint I have is the top speed. Even if it does have bad camo rating, im not so sure about taking repairs.

Wot amx cdc matchmaking

Thank you for this, ukraine dating traditions I have been tossing the idea of picking it up in my head for awhile now. The project was cancelled in the blueprint stage with no prototypes built. As anyone could snipe pretty happy about not however consider that you have read all the most. Historical Accuracy Errata. It goes from a supportive role to a hide in the back barely there role.

And honestly, I dont see a problem. Nope, not going to happen. This is not, in no friggin way worse than almost all of them. Understandably you disagree about the tank being effective, but there are many other vehicles your friends could buy if they prefer something else. Overall the gun is one of the better I've used on mediums at that tier.

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If you can't be arsed to read all this or want some gameplay footage go and watch Foch's review of the tank here. TankInspector and TankCompare don't have the numebrs yet. Mobility This is what this tank is all about, rolling around the battlefield at speed, moving from flank to flank within seconds. Support is your best option. Thought I made a mistake but the tank is a beast.

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  1. Greatly nerf might as anyone could snipe pretty happy about not pay attention to.
  2. While it was originally intended as a tank destroyer, in WoT it's more in place as a medium tank.
  3. Same gun, same appearance, same kind of armor, about the same topspeed.
  4. All other have mm pen, just like their heavys in same tier.

M4A1 Revaloris - Global wiki

This tank is extremely good. It has everything a medium tank should have, it's incredibly fast and has a good gun, the only downside is having no armour at all. Buff the amx chasseur de chars. They have no idea, dating websites bournemouth what they are doing. That amx seems like a nice vehicle.

AMX Chasseur de Chars Characteristics

So, the utility of a crew trainer, especially a tank that is pretty lackluster, is limited. Nope it's full price, really surprising tbh. The gun allows you to sit m away and lob shell after shell onto your target reliably or to get behind people and pen their arse over and over. Plus, play it right and it won't send you home in the red. Camo is actually quite helpful on the tank but BiA and viewrange skills are also a must.

Where is the fucking balance in that? Personally I wouldn't get it. To me, dating ultrasound calculator all tanks should get penned frontaly if hitting weakspots thats it.

Those mediums are the biggest under-performers for those most part, though. It needs the mobility to stay competitive. The downside of having no armour though is a big one. Adding to the problems is bad gun handling - all in all it results in an inadequate package of a quick-ish medium tank with an average gun, bad gun handling and absolutely no armor. As it's a prem you should already have a crew, you will have to get a separate loader which is a bit of a pain but they level up fairly quickly.

AMX Chasseur de Chars Characteristics

No direct links to replays or straw-polls i. No surprise about the amx cdc is processed. As above, likely no mo pref.

AMX Chasseur de chars - Global wiki

  • Well I was about to start a thread about this too, but instead I'll jump in this one.
  • So how much is it now money wise?
  • There is - posted on the cdc have some changes on.

Yes, there's not question about it. Its best at abusing its camo rating and not taking fire. This one has more speed, same viewrange, camo and bullshit armor, so it will be even easier to do that. After reading your review I really want to buy this tank.

AMX CDC preferential match making

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