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The University of Sesame Street? Amanda going to jail is that true? They are gonna lose someone, it should be their spy. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Big Brother 15 Thank You America

The only thing that still keeping me interrested is this site, where I can vent. Naples Widow and ten times the rotation sensor. Geez Maggie long makes harry look almost human ciao.

She is trying to do the best with what they give to her. It actually got worse as it progressed. Aaryn tells Amanda that her feet look like duck feet. She got so pissed off with Elissa when she thought she told about the deal with Aaryn.

Aaryn asks Elissa did Andy tell you that Amanda said I would go home? That said, this week should, at the very least, remind the houseguests that Amanda is not untouchable. Aaryn asks Amanda wanted Andy up because they wanted me to leave over him? Judd says McCrae thinks it makes her look like a better player, like an evel dick.

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Judd says I wish I had a pen I want to write down a dream I had. Marilyn will have to be reinflated by the time Spencer gets home. All I have are the ones I strongly dislike.

After a long talk she asks if he has anything else he wants to say. Logging onto this site is a choice. Unless they think they can use her which is possible.

  1. Aaryn and Judd head back inside.
  2. She just took it a couple steps too far.
  3. But if everyone splits their votes then we will never get the person we want nominated.

McCrae Admits McCranda Showmance Was Biggest Mistake & A Game Move

  • Elissa says I would love to do survivor.
  • Rob is not sure this will be held against Judd.
  • You look like a man actually.
  • Barbara Vote is over for this week.
  • At least they have some of Helen but Amanda continues to get the good edit.

Elissa asks Judd if they have bottled water. Naturally, Amanda freaked out and blamed Howard. As much as I hate to say it, Andy is in a really good position right now.

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Follow Rob Facebook Youtube Twitter. Watch the Show on Youtube. Watch the youtube video of her on a bridal talk show. My parents live in Jersey, site which is very expensive.

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Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Week 5 Saturday Highlights Big Brother Network

Maybe some of us have the ability to look at the whole picture and not just the ugly side. Howard seems the most harmless to me but he was wrong to use Candice to try to further himself. Wow Maggie Long, free match dating websites tell us how u really feel! Andy was hilarious last night. Rob asks who is most likely to win the game.

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Helen does seem receptive, although cautious. Will, Rachel, or Evel Dick, josh she would have been voted out of the house a long time ago. Andy has a bottle of white win. If you can figure out what he is saying. He is also telling everyone everything so its hard to figure out who he is aligned with.

Some people just should take your advice and simply stay supple! Nick would have schemed her ass right off the show. Such a person full of ennui and stupidity. Which is why it might have been a good thing they got rid of him, for their own game.

They talk about Jeremy leaving. Elissa explains Amanda gave her some strips for her lip. Soon she was holding court with Helen and Elissa too and everytime one would come in, she would repeat what we she had said to Amanda! Thats whats in the script which she has access to. The year-old singer got into a bit of an altercation with Orlando Bloom in Ibiza, Spain on Tuesday night, and Clevver News has all Justin bieber punched by orlando bloom over.

Peeple be pikin on her but I betz she iz more den yuz gotz at home. Elissa say no actually she did say that. And it would be good if he let us know were his true allegiance lies. Sheep for the slaughter, being led by a sinister monster named Demanda. Judd, Andy and Gina talk about random things.

Elissa says I feel just so horrible for doing it but I think you had to see how horrible Amanda and McCrae are. Rob thinks, without Amanda, McCrae can rise up. Elissa says she is going to try and hook up with you. Eric believes that the fans will not let the others off the hook. Grumpy face Amanda never had a social game until she hooked into McCrea.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Week 5 Saturday Highlights

Big Brother 15 Bachelor Party YO Who stole my chicken cutlet t ty

Last night there was the camera on an empty kitchen for a minute. When are they going to make their moves? Archived from Northern Africa, Arab forces shaping sexual references, and Moroccan architectural styles. Survivor is prerecorded not live the people have been back months. Thats just f ing ignorant.

Judd is turning out to be a double -triple-quadruple agent. Elissa says its funny how she thinks she can do that and just apologize the next day. You blasphemous and trifling fool. Helen seems to be the only person to motivate ppl think. We all need to vote together each week for someone.

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Elissa says her lip is very sore. Elissa as nasty and disgusting as she is is the key. Please let at least one wake up and realize it is the right week to get Amanda out. None of them deserve to win it the way they have played the game!

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Big Brother 15 Thank You America
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