Three Reasons to Come to Montreal on a Private Jet

According to statistics more and more tourists come to Montreal by private jets. Some experts connected this fact to the higher salaries of the nation, others to the lowering prices for private aircraft. The truth that people simply calculated the profit and weighted the benefits of private planes and the advantages are definitely worth it. Read below about the main pros you can get from travelling by a private jet.

1. Efficiency

First of all, private aircrafts undoubtedly have higher general speed if compared to the commercial flights, but according to the passengers the biggest time saving that you get with private jets is connected to the time on the ground.

As a rule, when you take a regular flight you are obliged to come to the airport several hours beforehand in order to go through all the procedures and be in advance for the boarding. Unfortunately, between all the checks and boarding you still have to kill from half an hour to an hour and a half. And usually people spend this time shopping, which is not bad itself. However it means that you not only loose time while wailing but also loose your money buying useless things.

With a private jet you are able to get to the airport much later. According to the security and airport workers, passengers of the private jets are to come to the airport not later than 15 minutes prior to the boarding to go through all the examinations. It means that you can save a lot of waiting time if travelling with a private aircraft or charter flight.

2. Flexibility

Second great thing about travelling with private planes is the flexibility you accomplish. According to the pilot of jet charter Chicago-Toronto you can ‘order’ a flight only three hours before departure so basically you can travel at any time you want everywhere you need to! You can avoid the headaches of planning the trip and matching your schedule to the timetable of the required flight. Now you are the one who creates the rules!

3. Comfort

And one of the most important things connected to the planes is comfort. Comfort is exactly why people fly and do not take a bus or a boat. It is much faster and convenient. With a private aircraft rental you get the best staff, best conditions, beast food and best everything that any air company can offer, because private air companies value personal approach to every client. Such attitude is very hard to find with commercial airlines simply because they have too many passengers to care about. So only when flying privately you can get the best service.

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